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Lenta systems Available solutions

The available Lenta system solutions envisage the assembly of boards: on a concrete screed, on a point foundation and a system on adjustable brackets.

Lenta composite decks are assembled with the help of an intuitive system of assembly clips.


System elements Lenta

Board LD14022

Model LD14022
Weght: 2,97 kg / m
Lenght: 280 cm

System joist LD5030

Model LD5030
Weight 1,25 kg / m
Lenght 280 cm

Ledge LD7010

Model LD7010
Weight 0,95 kg / m
Lenght 283 cm

Joist LD4523ALU

Model LD4523ALU
Weight 1,1 kg / m
Lenght 280 cm

Mounting clip LD1

Model Clip LD1
Dimension 44 x 45 mm
Weight 0,83 kg, packing 50 pcs

Starting clip LD2

Model Clip LD2
Dimension 31 x 20 mm
Weight 0,09 kg, packing 10 pcs

Board structures S1 - wood structure ( jars ) S2 - without structure


Colors Our products are available in 6 colors, each board profile has two variants of the structure.