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For customers

WPC 2nd generation - what is that ?

The 2 generation wood composite is a relatively new product on the Polish market. The board has no corrugations as in a traditional composite, but it is a uniform, smooth structure and at the same time a coating for the core of the board. The external coating is not only a protective function but also an aesthetic function that reflects the structure of the wood surface and occurs in various colors.

In which lengths there are Lenta boards ?

Lenta boards and joists are in lengths of 280cm. The finishing strip is always a bit longer so as to cover the sides of the installed terrace and occurs in a length of 283 cm. It is not possible to order a terrace in a different length than 280cm. Developers' investments are the only exception. We invite you to cooperate.

How will the purchased boards be delivered to me?

The product is sent on wooden pallets with dimensions 280x80cm, on which we can load about 30m2 of the full terrace system. The maximum weight of such a pallet is 800kg. Important! The transport service does not include unloading of the goods at the place of delivery.

Does the Lenta board have an anti-slip structure?

At first glance, the structure of the board may seem slippery but nothing more misleading. After contact with water, the board even brakes the foot. We do not have any rifles here so there is no possibility of water trapping on the terrace.

What does the assembly of boards look like?

The Lenta terrace system is extremely intuitive and easy to install. In the set we have a substructure of composite joists, clips for mounting the board and a finishing strip. The assembly does not require any special tools except for the miter saw, screwdriver or drill.

Which means that the product is maintenance-free?

This means that boards do not have to be painted, impregnated and in any other way preserved. The product does not have splinters as in traditional wood, which makes it child-friendly. The board does not rot, does not rot, does not absorb water, it is easy to clean with a pressure washer.

Does color affect the price?

No, the color does not affect the price of the board. We have 5 colors to choose from. We invite you to the products section.